Thankful for Advertising Regulation

Without a few rules, life would be chaotic. The advertising industry is just the same. Its various self-regulatory bodies have been working tirelessly throughout history to protect consumers, promote competition and avoid government intervention. We can be thankful for these actions, but many times consumers are unaware of the protections [...]

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What about Covid-19 this Halloween?

No matter the event, this seems to be a recurring question for 2020. Any celebration must now consider social distancing rules and mask regulations because of the on-going pandemic, and Halloween is no different. Don’t worry, though! Keep reading to see how OKC is celebrating Halloween this year! *Don’t let [...]

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Learning to Adapt During COVID-19

A virtual marathon? A Ghost Ball? Socially distanced concerts? NBA games without a crowd? One year ago, no one would have imagined these events would become our reality. Yet here we are, one year later, running virtual marathons and “attending” balls and enjoying concerts six feet apart and watching our [...]

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