As life is starting to return to the way it was pre-pandemic, you may find yourself overwhelmed after a socially distanced lifestyle this past year. This past year has been nothing of the ordinary, with global shutdowns and jobs switching to a virtual format. But at last, that seems to be ending and life is starting to pick up again. Here are a few tips on how to manage your time and not fall behind with your work.

Tip #1

Plan your week on Sunday

Take some time on Sunday to sit down and plan out what you need to do for that week. Writing down your top priorities for that week will help you stay focused on your goals. Having this plan will allow you to see what you need to do each day to stay on track and feel accomplished by the end of the week!

Tip #2

Create a to-do list

At the beginning of your day, make a short list of what you need to accomplish for the day. A to-do list should be simple! Only include what you know is achievable for that day. If you make it too complicated and cannot complete what you had set for yourself, that can be discouraging.

Tip #3

Prioritize your tasks

No matter how much you try to manage your time, sometimes it is just impossible to accomplish it all. That is why you need to know how to prioritize what is most important! You should put your most important tasks at the beginning of the day when you are most productive.

Tip #4

Don’t forget to take breaks

If you try to complete everything too fast, you can find yourself overwhelmed and burnout. You can prevent this by taking short breaks throughout the day to give your brain and body a rest. This rest is like a reset button for your body and when you start working again you will feel refreshed and more ready than before.

Tip #5

Learn to say no

Sometimes, especially starting out in your career, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the number of tasks you need to complete. Don’t take more than you can handle! When you take on too much, you can’t give your best effort the same way you would with a smaller amount.

Managing your time is a key to success. The benefits include lower stress levels, higher productivity, and a higher feeling of satisfaction with work. These are only five of countless tips that can help you feel better and work better! Remember work smarter, not harder!