It can be a scary process letting someone else take control of your brand, but here are twenty tips that help make the entire process easier on both you, the client, and us, the agency!

  1. Communicate promptly
  • A client should respond within 24 hours.
  1. Honest and Transparent
  • Some topics are difficult to discuss, but a good client is willing to talk about their weaknesses and be honest with themselves and us. 
  1. Has realistic expectations
  • A good client has high but not unrealistic expectations of what can be done for them.
  1. Understands what they want
  • A good client is clear about their objectives.
  1. Listens to constructive feedback
  • A good client will listen to any feedback that is given, good or bad.
  1. Open to change & willingness to action
  • A good client understands that sometimes change is necessary and is willing to try something different.
  1. Self-aware
  • A good client knows who they are, their audience and stakeholders.
  1. Passionate about their product or service
  • It is easier and more rewarding to work with someone who is passionate and excited about what they are doing.
  1. Trusting and committed
  • Clients hire us for a reason. A good client will trust the process and stay committed to the plan.
  1. Patient
  • A good client will trust the process and stay patient.
  1. Nimble
  • A good client can make decisions right away.
  1. Consistent
  • A good client is consistent in what they want.
  1. Confident
  • A good client is confident in the decisions they make.
  1. Respects
  • A good client respects the agency and the work they are doing.
  1. Organized
  • A good client is organized and stays up to date on what is happening.
  1. Participates and Collaborates
  • A good client joins in the process by participating and collaborating with the agency.
  1. Accepts Responsibility
  • A good client takes responsibility when needed.
  1. Open-minded
  • A good client stays open-minded to new suggestions.
  1. Inclusive
  • A good client makes sure the right people are in the room while having important discussions.
  1. Ethical
  • It may be listed last, but it is the most important. A good client is ethical!