When advertising for the holidays, there’s a few things on our minds. We don’t want to just be noise in the midst of a crazy season, but we also don’t want to go unnoticed. Creating meaningful messages for busy people is what we do best. Here are a few shopping trends for advertisers to seriously pay attention to.

Holiday shoppers are always on their phone, so it’s important to be conscious of what your mobile version of ads look like. We can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity to catch people while they’re out and about. It’s much more likely that they will be looking down at their phone than looking at ads on a store window per say.

Also with holiday advertising, you have to be straightforward. Everyone is a little tense and on edge and the last thing they want to read is extra fluff. It’s best to keep your message short and to the point to get the best response.

Lastly, native advertising campaigns are extremely effective this time of year. This refers to ads that look and feel like the regular content on the page/feed/timeline, etc. Users are in such a rush that they don’t notice it’s an ad until they’ve already read it, and you get an easy foot in the door.

Being strategic is key in times as hectic as the holidays. Why waste your dollars when you don’t have to? Try out some of these techniques and let us know how they worked…and don’t forget to read our other blogs!

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