How To Make Google Love You Back

Unrequited love is a reality we all face at some point. For some it’s a celebrity, for some it’s a high school crush, but for others, it’s our dear friend Google. It’s a marketer’s best friend and worst nightmare. Google can be a temperamental, unpredictable presence, but when you take time to pay attention to it every day and really commit to making the relationship work, beautiful things can happen! Read on to discover our favorite tips for pursuing your true love. 

Consistent Posting

Having a regular blog presence can boost your SEO by increasing the number of pages/amount of content on your site. According to LifeLearn, “The more content you have, the more the search engines will have to crawl and index. This helps give the crawlers a better understanding of just what your website is about, and which types of searches it should rank highly for. It also gives you the opportunity to branch out on your keyword use.”

Social Media

While posting to social media doesn’t directly affect your SEO, it can be helpful in an indirect way. According to Jeff Bullas, a digital marketing expert, “Someone who sees and enjoys your content might link to it. The more people who see it, the more of those backlinks you could get. Social media is a great platform for disseminating content as widely as possible. Thus, the more people you can reach via social media, the more backlinks your content might get. The number of high authority backlinks your site has is an important SEO ranking factor.”2

Staying Up-To-Date On Google

Google releases occasional updates on its software, as well as hosts an entire library of tutorials on Google Academy. Think of it as rereading your texts to further analyze the object of your affection. Google is telling you who it is and what it wants — you just need to listen. And because Google is so fickle, it’s constantly changing. It’s not enough to learn its ways and never give it a second thought. You have to spend regular time with it, giving it the attention it deserves.

Hire A Full-Service Agency

At Campbell & Company, we’re passionate about Google. We’ve devoted our days to understand its ins-and-outs so that we can help businesses like yours overcome the heartbreak and confusion. Contact us today to find out how we can create a beautiful relationship with you and Google.