Tech Industry 2019 | What do you do first thing when you wake up in the morning? If you’re like most of us, you check your phone for texts, social media notifications, daily news, emails and more.  

What if artificial intelligence could anticipate the messages and news that you want to know and tell you as soon as you wake up? What if a microwave could know exactly what you put in it to make breakfast before work and then start when you tell it to?  

While this advanced incorporation of AI is not likely to occur in 2019, it’s definitely around the corner. 

According to Peter Rojas of Betaworks Ventures, “in the coming year, we’ll see a number of technologies that blur the boundaries between what is real and what is synthetic”. This includes tools that create realistic computer-generated imagery, and algorithmically generated content, in which tools create and enhance media more efficiently than humans.  

The Rise of 5G 

One of the biggest cellular hypes this year is the release of 5G networks. Imagine being able to download full-length movies in just seconds…That’s 5G. 

Aside from faster smartphones, 5G will create higher speeds and lower latency that will “make new experiences possible in augmented and virtual reality, connected cars and the smart home- any realm where machines need to talk to each other constantly and without lag” (McGarry, 2019).  

The reality, though, of the widespread transition to the 5G network is that it won’t be immediate. We’ll still have a blended network of 5G, 4G and 3G in 2019. We likely won’t see the 5G iPhone until next year.   

Goodbye, Cable TV 

With the rise of video streaming services has come the decline in traditional cable TV subscriptions. In fact, this decline is set to reach a breaking point in 2019.  

According to Dan Hays of PwC, we can expect to see “even more cable, satellite, and fiber-based service providers shifting their focus. [This focus will include] a combination of providing broadband services and delivering competitive, over-the-top, cloud-based video streaming services”.   

In 2019, we can also expect to see opportunities in ethical technology and a potential consumer adoption of AR glasses. The rise of fixed wireless, an increase in the use of startups built on voice platforms, and growth in drone usage will manifest. Not to mention, an increase in the use of smart cameras, and more planning for flying cars are in the works.

While 2019 may not give us the opportunity to take our flying car to work or drive while staring at holograms, it will involve setting the foundation for the advanced, groundbreaking technologies of the near future.  



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