The 2019 Super Bowl (LIII) is quickly approaching. On February 3, Patriots and Rams fans from across the country will gather at the game and in their homes in order to watch their teams battle for victory. The millions of people who are likely to tune in will not only do so to watch the game, but also to watch this year’s commercials.

These commercials have become a notorious way for companies to gain exposure. Since it’s the most watched sports event in the United States, this one game gives advertisers the chance to create entertaining and unique commercials to reach millions of viewers.

Unable to handle the anticipation of what will air this year? You can now get a sneak peek through commercial teasers from brands like Pringles, Pepsi, Olay and more because we’re letting you in on the action!: 

Before you dive into what this year’s ad highlights will be, check out AdWeek’s top five ad favorites from last year’s game:

  1. “It’s a Tide Ad” – Tide:
  2. “Alexa Lost Her Voice” – Amazon:
  3. “Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice” – Doritos/Mountain Dew:
  4. “Dundee” – Tourism Australia:
  5. “Touchdown Celebrations to Come” – NFL:

Whether you tune in this year to watch the game or only to see the commercials, there’s no judgment here! We’re as excited as you are to see how the advertising game will play out on February 3. And since you’re already here, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog posts.

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