Advertising has posed two problems for the female gender: how to get more women in the field, and how to portray women in ads. 

Currently only 11% of creative directors are women, but ironically, women control roughly two-thirds of the U.S. consumer spending.  Advertising relies heavily on marketing to women since they are the ones who traditionally go out and buy.  And who knows women better than women?  It is vital for the success of advertising that more women be present and powerful in creating ads that speak to their own gender. 

In order to effectively reach women though, they must not be stereotyped.  An article from AdWeek says that if you want to engage women, you must empower them.  The history of advertising has been objectifying to women.  But it is getting better.  More awareness is being raised to show women as strong, powerful and successful human beings without giving thought to their gender. 

Ads such as Dove’s “Speak Beautiful”, Always’ “Like a Girl” and L’Oreal Paris’ “Women of Worth” are doing their best to promote women for who they are and who they can be.   

This is an important subject to Campbell and Company because we are a female-owned business.  We do not feel as though this makes us disadvantaged, but rather it gives us a door to speak to women and to pave the way in the advertising field for those who follow.  We do our best to promote equality and value of all people, not just women, and we want to see success for ourselves, for our clients and for women all over the world.