Social media is a powerful tool that is more than just tweets about the weather and Instagram pictures of your dog.  The digital world has opened a door, allowing us to be in constant communication with millions of people.  But it is also a growing platform for advertising.

According to an article on, Twitter has experienced a 44% growth in user base in recent years, while Google has only grown 33%.  More and more people are getting their news and information from social media. (It’s typically faster and more easily accessible.)  This makes it the prime place to put information out that will increase awareness for a product, service or cause.

By using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, we can help build your business and your reputation.  We can put your name into the on-going conversation and get people talking about your business.  Getting the word out is the first step. Social media can give you the opportunity to shout it from the metaphysical rooftops (without disrupting your neighbors, of course). You’ve worked hard on your business, so let us take it to the next level through social media.