Saturday, November 26, is Small Business Saturday this year, and being a small business, we want to tell you why you should shop small.

Small business is the heart of American capitalism. In the land of the free and home of

the brave, we are immensely lucky to have opportunity at our door. In light of Veterans Day earlier this month, it’s because of the courage of the few that we have the chance to succeed and make a future for ourselves and our children. Small businesses are the first manifestations of our economic freedoms.

We’re personally a fan of supporting small business because we know what it’s like. Without those loyal supporters in the early years, we wouldn’t have companies like Hideaway, Sonic or Devon Energy. The human impact you can have on business owners is priceless when you shop small. It means the world to have people who appreciate your work and believe in your dream.

Small businesses are also a great way to find things that may be a little out of the ordinary. Anything from cologne wipes to used cardboard boxes to socks that come in threes – if you can dream it, there’s probably a small business that’s doing it. These little hidden treasures that can be found in small stores make sure to keep things interesting.

Not only this, but small businesses are the ones giving back to the community you live in. They’re people just like you that deal with the same issues of living in a certain geographic location. They are much more likely to be involved in the community than a corporation that has no connection to where you live. So when you support small business, you’re really supporting your own community.

These are just a few of the reasons we’re proud to call ourselves small. So get out on November 26 and support your local small business. You never know what you might find, what you might change, or whom you might impact.