TV Advertising : A study by MarketShare found that television is still the most effective advertising medium by far. As a tool for creating new business, driving sales and business, this venue is most effective. Knowing why this is the case might influence, and improve, your marketing goals. For one, TV reaches an immense amount of people. In America, an average household spends over 4.5 hours in front of the television per day. 4.5 hours. When you advertise with this media, your brand recognition can skyrocket.

TV advertisements allow viewers to see the benefits of your product or services. It’s a medium that uses sight, movement and sound to paint a full picture. The audience can get a larger view of the product in this way. Perhaps even more important is the level of engagement that’s present when watching television. The audience is attentive to what they’re watching, and that awareness may follow-through with the advertisements. The potential customers become engaged as they experience your ad. All of these features blend together, making TV advertising the most efficient way to promote your company.

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