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The Future of Ad

Today's world is buzzing with technology. Every day it seems a new start up cashes in for seven to eight figures and makes headlines. The allure to Silicon Valley is great, and the next cash cow seems have made its appearance, bots. Bots are in their earliest stages and are being seen as the next 'must have' for brands.

Brands such as 1-800-flowers and The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas have started to use bots at a very high level to interact with their customers. The Cosmopolitan's, artificial intelligence (AI) is named, Rose. She is designed to have a cheeky personality and be playful with customers. The bots are also starting to replace apps.

Many companies are using them to replace apps. Apps can often be expensive to create, and there’s always been the hurdle of having the customer download the app as well. Bots clear this by seamlessly being integrated into apps like ‘Facebook Messenger’ and communicating with customers like real people. This makes the hours of waiting for a response a thing of the past, as bots communicate instantaneously.

The bots are still in their infancy, however. Many companies are still apprehensive. Microsoft's earliest bots, while they are a different type, were shut down after learning racial slurs, and were replaced with a new version. However, they are still proving to be a useful asset.

Dominos is a major company who is rather weary of using them for much more than ordering and chatting, using only the most basic of bots. Dennis Maloney, Domino's chief digital officer, said, "We really look at the bot stuff now as, honestly, it's very, very early, early, early, adopters of the technology who are just trying to play around."

While bots may not be the most optimal, right now, because of their relative newness they most certainly seem to be the future for brands, and the heavy lifting of communication that used to be done by people has now shifted to them. So, while some companies have adopted them and some companies have not yet embraced them the future seems to be clear, bots will be vital for how brands communicate with their customers.

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