The power of radio

Many people are unaware of the effect of advertising in radio. Radio is one of the most effective medias in America, making it one of the most significant places to promote your company’s brand. It connects with 93% of consumers each week. That’s roughly 243 million people in the United States. Radio is also powerful because there are few distractions while you’re listening. The level of engagement for radio listeners is extremely high and effective.

When people perceive something audibly, it is more likely to affect them emotionally. This is excellent for advertising purposes with your business. Listeners are also more likely to hear a radio commercial repeatedly, allowing the message to sink in deeper. Now, with smart phones and other mobile devices, you can listen to the radio virtually anywhere. Broadcast Radio is free and accessible, and AM/FM radio is the most widely utilized audio source on any given day. What more can you ask for when it comes to advertising your product?

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